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Welcome to Teen-Authors-United! As the name suggests, this group is open for all you teen authors. Whether you were writing since you were toddling round in your little pre-teen diaper or you just found your new found super-power... of writing! Join! You can read others work, get comments, improve your work and more! Join today! :D

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This is a group for all those budding teenage writers who's work just doesn't get glory! Well here's your chance-submit your work here and watch your audience grow!
Founded 4 Years ago
Feb 21, 2013


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I'm a cutter
That's all I'll ever be
Once you've learnt that
Defining fact about me.
You'll call me mad
Assume that I'm sad
And that I want
Your help.
You'll check my arms
Only matters if you can see
But I can hide them
All over me.
You'll think I'm sick
Sick in the head
And that makes me feel
Like I want to be dead.
I don't do it
For attention
I don't do it
For a mention
I don't do it
To rebel.
I do it because of
The spell
That it's cast over me.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 159 97
Target Weight
I am afraid because I know
That I will never arrive
At a point where I am nourished
And emotionally satisfied
So to regulate my mood
I consume levels that disgrace
They suppose that this is greed
That assumption is misplaced
I’m addicted to the feeling
The short term stimulation
But that only makes me more prone
To those feelings of deflation
And stomach cramps and pains
Loose skin hanging from my bones
Eyes sinking into my skull
And those deathly grey skin tones
Will I ever fill the hole
Silence those voices for a while
I prepare my gut for sorrow
While I am spoon fed on denial
But life’s too much to digest
An acid reflux episode
Regurgitate my memories
Before my stomach explodes
In a culture such as ours
The blame lays nowhere but my plate
I chose the fats, sugars and salts
The impossible target weight
Now I’m afraid because I know
The end has already arrived
In the form of this addiction
To a staple we need to survive
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 108 59
You're Not?
You're anorexic if you're thin
You're not? Then you're obese.
If you're different, you're insane
You're not? Then you're a fake.
If you're happy, you're hiding something.
You're not? You must be emo.
If you're dating, you're a slut.
You're not? You must have no friends.
If you're popular, you're a jerk.
You're not? You're a nobody.
If you're quiet, you must be disabled.
You're not? You obnoxious freak.
If you're you, you're wrong.
You're not?
Then you must be perfect.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 2,746 1,080
I cowered in the darkness,
Waiting for them.
I knew
Who they where,
What they wanted,
Where they came from.
I just didn't understand why.
I understand now,
As that was a long time ago,
When the men fought,
blades gleaming in the sun,
Armour polished,
angered expressions on every face.
Everyone was an enemy,
Everyone was a threat.
However now there is nothing.
I cowered in the small metal cage,
like a frightened animal.
In a sense I was.
I didn't know what was happening,
Or what wass going to happen.
To me.
In the end,
There was cheers.
The men shouted in delight.
Swords swinging in the air.
The victory,
in a sea of dead.
That was when,
I climbed out the shelter.
The war had ended.
We had won.
Yet there was still a battle,
fighting in my mind.
:iconfireprincess97:FirePrincess97 1 0
Ok, guys I have no idea how to feel about this so I'm asking you. Over the last few days I have seen many, many, many, many many...

*2 days later*

many, many, many artists on this site who have great potential to make art but sometimes the anatomy is really out of shape. Therefore, I was wondering if maybe I should make tutorials on anatomy as I'm pretty good... Weeell, I don't wanna brag or anything! But y'know!

haha, just kidding -___-' Let's face it. I'm not that great with anatomy either but I know how it works. I have been studying it for like... 4 years I think?

So guide me watchers! Would you like me to make tutorials on anatomy or are you better off?
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Thank you so much for the feature:) it truly means alot!!<3
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is there a specific teenage age range that applies for joining-because I am 18 and want to be sure Im not considered "old"
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This is awesome! I was just setting up my page and I wrote how I was writing a book
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